Band Members

The Band

The Myth

Purveyors of private cloud by day, and software-defined rock and rollers by night, these rock monsters put the LOUD in Cloud.

That’s right folks, Mötörclöüd is not your regular rock band. As lead singer Mack Vance proclaims, “you gotta understand… Reggie lays down the foundation both on drums in the band, and with the hardware in the data center. I’m the one bringing the message in my lyrics, just like I’m bringing the standards in our OS and middleware catalogs.”

Adds guitarist Hollywood Harold, “…and I’m the one that takes it into the next generation. My riffs and leads may rock the house, but it’s my hybrid application designs that rock the cloud!

So get ready for some great tunes, great times, *and* great IT… shaken with a twist of sublime, all served on the rocks. Rocks and rolls, that is.

Current Members

The Process a.k.a. TP
Bass / Backing Vocals

Bass Thumpin’ and Network Pumpin’

TP (as he is also known) started slappin’ the low end back in 1986 when he started touring with the band VC/HS, which later decided to change their name to AirTallica. After AirTallica got too involved with the politics of the digital music (which he wanted nothing to do with), TP signed on with the band “The Rolling vApps” to fill in for their missing Bass Player. But after getting tired of playing “soft cumulous rock”, he decided to try out during Motorcloud’s 2014 “Bass Player Search” contest and now brings big banging’ bass to the hottest band in the cloud!

Hollywood Harold
Guitar / Backing Vocals

Finger tappin’ and fanny smackin’

Hollywood is the six-fingered-guitar-shredding backbone-as-a-service that cranks out Mötörclöüd’s tastiest hot licks. During the day, his mastery of multiple application delivery platforms leads him to proclaim that he puts the “aaS” is PaaS.

Mack Vance
The Voice / The Face

Heartbreakin’ and bellyachin’

When he’s not delivering his signature asthmatic roar for Mötörclöüd, Mack can be found mastering the latest Linux distros in an effort to containerize his underpants.

Reggie Seno
Drums / Backing Vocals

“Me bang drum”

Although Reggie is not the most vocal of the bunch, he puts the boom boom in the room room. At night he brings the heavy artillery to Mötörclöüd’s rhythm section, and 9-to-5 he’s rackin’ and stackin’ his tom toms off. Reggie loooooves big racks.

Former Members

Gone, but not forgotten
Ant "vMan" Anthony
Bass / M.I.A.

If found, please call 844-4-ANTHONY

Mötörclöüd’s original bass player, Anthony was involved in a freak vMotion incident during Mötörclöüd’s 2014 world tour. After a night of heavy binge drinking, Anthony attempted to vMotion himself from one tour bus to another… at 80MPH. We haven’t seen him since…

Everything is Cloud
  1. 1. Everything is Cloud
  2. 2. Patti Patch Tuesday
  3. 3. KMBaas – Kiss My Backend (as a Service)
Everything is Cloud // MÖTÖRCLÖÜD
  1. Everything is Cloud // MÖTÖRCLÖÜD
  2. Patti Patch Tuesday // MÖTÖRCLÖÜD
  3. KMBaas – Kiss My Backend (as a Service) // MÖTÖRCLÖÜD